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Lithium cover coming soon


I’ll Freak You Right

Pure art in its purest pure form

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"If you’re discouraged today by a swirling mass of hurtful words that have lodged in your brain — it’s okay to say it hurts. You don’t have to deny it or seek escape or drown in comfort or shrug it off or pump up a false ego. Let the poison pass through your system. Rub the wounded knee of your heart.

We find it easier to run away from pain, like that solves it. We hate to think we are hysterical, sensitive, weak, fragile, and flesh. But healing happens when we recognize that the power to overcome pain comes slowly, in process, without rushing. You’ll see you have a deeper reservoir of strength than you ever thought you did. This requires pacing. If you turn it into an on-and-off switch, you can break, but make it a journey and you will grow."

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Wang Wei 


Wang Wei 

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"He said Jesus is listening but I have to help myself.."


stills from slowdives “shine”

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